Alcohol and our youth

In an article published on 13th May 2009 on Dominica News Online, the Director of the National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit, Jacinta Bannis, said that awareness with regards to drug and alcohol consumption in Dominica ought to be raised, and that legislation ought to be in place with regards to “the sale of alcohol to minors…”

I think Ms Bannis makes a compelling point with regards to raising awareness of the dangers of alcohol consumption, and indeed, the sale of alcohol to minors.

Our society has for long accepted that minors are capable of dealing with the effects of alcohol.

Perhaps ignorant, we were, to accept that the double-sided effects of alcohol are indeed draconian. Inhibiting us with immense pleasure, confidence and inebriation while increasing our tendencies towards violent responses/actions, while on the other hand, imposing upon us a state of depression.

As regards violence, our society has seen an increase in homicides, manslaughter and indeed suicides. Guns and the like are much more readily available to our youth, who, at the slightest provocation will not hesitate to shoot or stab.

Suicide is also much more prevalent, with depression taking over any sense of self-worth or indeed regard for life.

Add to this bouillon, the consumption of alcohol by minors and our society will be lost as our youth, as is axiomatic, are the future of tomorrow.

I suggest therefore that if, there are no laws criminalising the sale of alcohol to minors, that the Community and indeed society take matters into its hands, by requiring that some type of identification be produced where the purchase of alcohol is sought by someone under the age of 18.


Marcia B Moulon-Atherley, Attorney at Law and Avocat à la Cour

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