I love music….

It dawned on me while returning to my office this afternoon. It was a glorious day in Rennes, France and I was returning from lunch, walking and listening to Mozart’s Piano Sonata N° 11 (1st Movement)…

Contemplating on a strategy which I would later elaborate with a client in the entertainment industry, it dawned on me, that the reason I work in the arts and entertainment industry is because I love music… I love the intricate sound of the notes, the mixing, the arranging, the compilation and indeed, the live performances…

It is true that one spends the better part of her life trying and testing projects, hoping to feel some passion that will make us willing to launch a business project.  Trying to feel something – even close to passion – which will move us and in turn, will move others through our work and commitment…. I can safely say, I have found my passion in music and the arts and entertainment! 

How do you know? I ask myself. It’s a warm feeling… If you’ve experienced true love in whatever shape, manner or form, you will know…. You will know because you are committed to doing what you do… You will know because you are hooked on what you do… You will know because you give of yourself and invest in what you do… And you will know because all your worries disappear, when you listen to music, or stop and contemplate a piece of art, or you dance, or you get involve in playing a video game, or you watch a film, or you get caught by comedy and you are folded over with laughter … You transform … You merge with the music or the art, or the game, or the dance, the film or the comedy.

It is exactly for that reason that I take a protectionist and perfectionist approach while working with my clients who are in the entertainment and arts industry…

I understand that my clients are artists and may not necessarily see the global picture in understanding the hypnotic effect of their work. It is the reason why I am their voice of reason because, in addition to being an Attorney at Law, I am the end consumer and so therefore, I reason like an end consumer who loves music, art and entertainment.

Of course the global market is vast and business projects are innumerable.  The risks are high and investment costly, but driven by passion it becomes effortless. I find it unimaginable to think of anything else which gives such a warm and comfortable feeling (well there are a limited few).  A feeling of completeness which can spread globally. Which can be shared with millions and which can – without an iota of doubt – bring so much love and togetherness in people – even just for a moment – and so therefore makes it all worthwhile.


Marcia B Moulon-Atherley, Attorney at Law and Avocat à la Cour

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